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MadeCook is an online shop specializing in specialty confectionery and bakery materials, based in Thessaloniki, Greece.


Our goal was to design a brand new logo, develop and design a completely new website/eshop for MadeCook for online shopping.

  • Strategy

    e-shop, Brand, UX Strategy, Social Media, Printing

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Logo, Print

  • Client


MadeCook-logo-front – 1
MadeCook-eshop-mockup MadeCook-eshop-1 MadeCook-eshop-2 MadeCook-eshop-3 MadeCook-eshop-4 MadeCook-eshop-5 MadeCook-eshop-6 MadeCook-eshop-7 MadeCook-eshop-8 MadeCook-eshop-9 MadeCook-businesscards – 3 MadeCook-socialmedia-mockup-1 MadeCook-socialmedia-mockup-2 MadeCook-typography MadeCook-typography2 MadeCook-colors